Angga and His Camera : Mijn Kunst

– Take a look at this book and find words there, Friend of mine in Ukraine made it, awesome!

– An Art in a Museum, Donetsk, Ukraine

– Old Stuffs in Museum, Donetsk, Ukraine

– De lamp, Sawarna Beach, Indonesia

– Cup was hanging on the wall, Liverpool Cafe.

– Ukrainian Vodka!

– Old soccer shoes, Shaktar Donetsk Museum.

– a Ticket for Transportation such as Tram or Bus in Ukraine.


– Indomie from Egypt and Indonesia.

– Lovely sunglass, Umang-umang Island, Indonesia.


6 thoughts on “Angga and His Camera : Mijn Kunst

      • Aku pakai firstmedia atau mungkin jumlah postnya cukup 2 posts aja per loading… Jadi kita sempat nikmati fotonya.. Baru kalau dah puas tekan next page.. Untuk 2 posts berikutnya lagi.. Terus berikutnya lagi..
        Ah… Terserah entelah… Gimana baiknya..
        Oke fotonya menarik.. Saya juga mo blajar moto nih..

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