Soekarno’s Admirer, Now and Forever!

I fully believe that everyone has a role model. The role model can be a musician, politician, entrepreneur or whoever. Role model is a figure of person who inspired us in many ways. For myself, I have been admired since a long time to my first Indonesian President Mr. Soekarno. Why could I admire him? The reasons are about his romance, leadership and spirit.

11Firstly, I am going to tell you about the brief story of his romance. Soekarno is typical Indonesian man. He has proportional height, brown skin and good speaking style. Moreover, there is no doubt for women will not like to him. Soekarno was born and growth from the diversity background. His father comes from Java and his mother is sweety Balinese girl. The first love of Soekarno was Diana. He met with her when both of them studied in Senior High school in Surabaya. Diana is a Dutch girl, as we acknowledged that our country was colonized by Dutch for over 100 years. Soekarno loves her so much, however this relation could not carried on to any further, because Diana’s parents did not agree with this relationship. Several years later, Soekarno met with Utari. Eventually, she is a daughter of Soekarno’s teacher, named Mr. Tjokroaminoto. In the 1921, Soekarno went to Bandung for study in the university and before he went, Soekarno married with Utari. However, the relationship did not too long, then Soekarno divorced with Utari after one year he went to Bandung. He decided to divorced due to he met and felt in love with a girl in Bandung. Her name is Inggit Ganarsih. Actually, Inggit is the owner of the boarding house where Soekarno lived during he studied in Bandung. They had been married for years and at the end still the same story, they divorced. The reason was because Inggit could not gave him children, Inggit could not be pregnant. After divorced with Inggit, Soekarno married with Fatmawati. He met her when he was expelled to Bengkulu by Dutch Government. So after that, he got children from Fatmawati. This relationship was not as good as we think, a few years after Soekarno became a president in 1945, He found another girls again, she was a secretary at his office. What an interesting story of romance he had, so many girls fullfilled his life. This relation was not the end, there were several girls came to his life, the last girl was Ratna Sari Dewi, she is a beautiful Japanese girl, she is the last girl of Soekarno. She stayed with Soekarno until Soekarno passed away in 1970.

presidensoekarno2Leadership style is the second one I will explain here. If I give you a question, who is the best Indonesian President? I bet you will say “ Of Course, Soekarno”. Yes, the best President that we ever had was Soekarno. Through Soekarno, our country was the strong, brave and confident country. There was no country could control us. Western was so hard to influenced our ideology. We were much more independent country than now. Soekarno is the good communicator and also great conceptor. He knew what people want and what kind of regulation should be implemented to protect our nation from any foreign’s meddles. Soekarno did not fear to spoke up to the world with his opinions and complaints. All countries around the world paid attention to Indonesia. He is the one of the best leaders in the world. He does not like everything about western. He wants that our culture is as natural as Indonesia. No western music, no western ideology, no western things!. He is such as an idealist person. He wants that Indonesia become a big country in the world, without depends on other countries. The real Independent country, that was his main purpose.

pidato-bkThe Last is about his spirit. His spirit is clearly appear when he did many efforts to released our country from Dutch colonized. He arrested, got prisoned, detained, and expelled. He has done and passed so many struggles for my country. His famous quote is “ Do not ever forget about history”, it means do not forget about all the struggles that Indonesian heroes have done. His vision and mission are very incredible, his perspective was one step ahead at that time. He like a magician or even forcaster. He could knew what would happen in the future and he made some preparations to face with it. He figured it out earlier before something worst would come.

In conclusion, Soekarno is such as the best figure to follow. Especially for Indonesian. His romance stories are really interesting with many girls fulfilled his life, his leadership which can not compare to any Indonesian leaders at this time, and his spirit will never die!


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